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Explore the culture, art, history and the religion of Jainism by visiting the pilgrimage of the Jains. Sacred places are silent but they tell immortal stories of holy self, shikharji is one of those places. Book the Jain Pilgrimage Tour Packages with Heena Tours and Travels.

6 Days & 5 Nights
  • Shikharji
  • Rujuwalika
  • Rajgruhi
  • Lachhwad
  • Guniyaji
  • Kundalpur
  • Nalanda
  • Pavapuri
  • Rajendranagar

Shikharji Deluxe Package

JP-01   ||   INR 12000 (4 Sharing)
Departures : Jan-2017, Feb-2017, Mar-2017, Apr-2017

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